LJHS sends a Dragon Shoutout to..........Anthony Wooten!!!

In his remote learning setting, Anthony has been on time to class, camera ready, and responds to questions when asked. He is in advanced classes and earned all A's in his classes the first quarter. All assignments are turned in on time and completed correctly. He pays attention to detail so that his work is well done.

Anthony is pleasant and very respectful. In his limited interaction with our students, he stands out and is well-liked and respected by his peers. He is always willing to speak up in class and offers answers and opinions.

Anthony has volunteered in his community through the H2O program where he has picked up food and dropped it off at a foodbank, helped organize and hung up clothes in a clothing distribution room, and helped build a wheelchair ramp at a home.

We are happy to nominate Anthony for our October All-Star Kid as he shines both in and out of the classroom!