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Daily Announcements




ANNOUNCEMENTS: AACS will be a distinguished, diverse community that prides itself on using teamwork to support students as they realize their potential to achieve success.


*Mission - TOGETHER - Preparing EVERY student for future success.




Students, don’t forget that Spring Sport pictures will be taken tomorrow.  You must have your picture envelope filled out and have the money with you if you are planning on buying pictures.


6th period staff, please collect all signed Literacy Day slips from your students and send them down to the office.  We need to get a count today.


NJHS will have a meeting today after school.  Have your ride here by 3:20 p.m.


Students……This is very important.  When you come in through the event entrance doors in the morning, you are to go directly to the cafetorium to get your breakfast.  You are not to go to a classroom or hang out in the hall and then expect to get breakfast.   Also, if you come in the morning and the bag breakfast cart is there, you are to stop directly at the cart.  If you decide to pass the cart and go to get a Chromebook or visit with friends and then come back, you will NOT get a breakfast.



Staff please send down all salmon sheets now.


Happy birthday to Caleb McAfee