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Student Dress Code

School Rules/Dress Code




The Ashtabula Area City School District Board of Education expects that the wearing apparel of a

student in school and at school-related activities, generally, be such that it ensures the health,

welfare, and safety of the members of the student body, and enhances a positive image of our

students and school. The following standards of student wearing apparel are expected for each

student attending school in the Ashtabula Area City Schools, and shall be enforced at the discretion

of the school district’s administrators.

Proper wearing apparel and grooming will promote a positive academic environment. Wearing

apparel and grooming are expected to be clean and in keeping with health, sanitary, and safety


Wearing apparel and grooming shall not cause diversion or disrupt the teaching/learning process or

detract from the orderly school environment. Students are prohibited from wearing articles of

clothing or jewelry which promote use of drugs, tobacco and alcohol, glorify death or mutilation (ex:

Guns), contain profanity, or state or suggest sexual or pornographic activity.

Shorts (excluding spandex) may be worn. Sound judgment and good taste should be used when

wearing shorts to school. (See above paragraphs).

The school rules for wearing apparel (including but not limited to) are listed below:

1. Appropriate academic dress is encouraged such as, polo/collared shirts, dress pants, and


2. No saggy pants are permitted. A belt must be worn to keep sagging pants up at the waist;

pants are not to be dragging on the floor.

3. No inappropriately “ripped/holey/frayed” jeans (below finger-tipped length).

4. No cut-off sweat pants, pajama pants, and no inappropriate placement of writing or graphics

on the back of pants or any other clothing.

5. No mini-dresses/mini-skirts; (when determining if a garment is too short, it must be longer

than the length of your fingertips with arms held down at your side).

6. No mesh tops, midriff tops, and tank tops are to be worn alone.

7. No hats, headbands, bandannas, (head covering of any type), sunglasses and gloves are not to be

worn in school.

8. No coats and jackets are to be worn in the school building (extenuating circumstances may


9. No disruptive hair color or hair styles will be worn in school.

10. No safety pins will be worn as an accessory or brought to school (extenuating circumstances

may occur.)

11. No spiked jewelry or chains. For example, dog collars and wallet chains are prohibited.

12. No disruptive or unsafe piercings.

13. Book bags and back packs are for carrying books to and from school, and are not to be used

during the school day. Mesh bags and draw string gym bags are permitted.

14. No Slippers or Heelies. We require appropriate and safe footwear.


A student and the school shall be free from the threats or harmful influence of any group or

gang which engages in drug use, violence, or other disruptive behavior. Therefore, the

presence of any apparel, jewelry, accessory, notebook, tattoo, or manner of grooming which,

by virtue of its color, arrangement, trademark, or any other attribute, denotes membership,

participation and/or support of such a group or gang is prohibited.

A student or group, representing the school at official activities, will be attired in a manner that

presents a favorable image of the school district and does not violate this policy. The parent/guardian

of a student, who is in violation of the wearing apparel code, shall be contacted to supply a change of