Junior High Athletics

2.16.2021:  Due to today's Calamity Day, JH athletic practices & contests will be cancelled. Stay safe & warm!
 If you are planning to play a JH sport 2020-2021, you MUST have a VALID Physical on file (turn into the coach!) prior to the beginning of the sport season.  Also, you MUST COMPLETE FINAL FORMS in advance of the season (check any sports you may consider playing).  Please see the link below for the Physical pages AND scroll down to access the screen shots to sign up for Final Forms! 




2020 LJHS WINTER Sports Schedules

This schedule is a LIVE, Google Document where any changes will be reflected in real time.


*Any BB questions, please contact Coach Richmond (8th) @ tyler.richmond@aacs.net or Coach Kohli (7th) @ jeffrey.kohli@aacs.net

*Any CHEER questions, please contact Coach Tulino @ corby.tulino@aacs.net


*Any WRESTLING questions, please contact Coach Neuman @ ryan.neuman@aacs.net



*Any GBB questions, please contact Coach Winchell (8th) @ coachwinchell1974@gmail.com or Coach Emerton (7th) @ anne.emerton@aacs.net

We are so excited to begin our JH WINTER 2020-2021 Sports Season! Please keep in mind the following Covid-19 compliance protocol
that will help our athletes to have a successful season!
  • All spectators commit to responsible use of masks, proper hygiene, self-responsibility of symptoms, and social distancing.
  • ALL STUDENT-ATHLETES MUST take temperature and conduct a symptom assessment BEFORE the PRACTICE/CONTEST with Coach.
  • Participants are to arrive dressed and ready to compete and should plan to leave the contest facility in partial or full uniforms as locker rooms will be CLOSED 
  • Maintain social distance when not involved in play
  • Wear masks when possible and not actively involved in play (IE. on the bench, even on the bus)
  • Players should sanitize their hands before & after warm-ups, at all timeouts, at quarter & halftime breaks & anytime they leave the playing court
  • Game ball/practice balls should be sanitized at halftime, between quarters, and routinely throughout practice.
  • Participants are to bring their own labeled water for their own consumption. No sharing of water bottles, towels or face masks
  • A “No Touch Rule” will be in place for all participants. Everyone should refrain from high fives, handshakes, fist bumps, or any other physical contact other than on the field of play.
  • There will be no congregating before or after the event on school grounds. 
  • Each athlete will receive from their coach 2 Spectator passes to be used throughout the season.  These passes should be used by immediate family members.  These passes will be lableled with the athlete’s name and specific sport.  These passes will be shown to the ticket taker upon arrival to the Event Entrance where they will go immediately into the GYM, or they will be shown to visiting schools upon entry to athletic contests.  
  • The GYM will be cleared of all persons between games.  Only those with Spectator passes for BB 8 will be permitted entrance for the 8th grade game, and those with Spectator passes for BB 7 will be permitted entrance for the 7th grade game.  Spectators will need to wait for the first game to end before entering for the second game.  At end of each game, GYM will be emptied via side Exit at which time families coming for the next game may proceed to Event Entrance to allow time for sanitization.  Players will go home with families after their game.
  • Bleacher seats will be marked as to where spectators must sit during the game.

For athletic information and events happening in the Dragon Nation, please visit the following link!



Character development, leadership, teamwork, learning and having fun. These are the hallmarks of youth sports. The Ohio High School Athletic Association reminds parents and other adult spectators to cheer with pride, but be responsible and respectful.  Check out this posting from the Ohio Department of Education! 



If you are planning on playing a sport make sure you have had a physical done this year!  Physicals are only good for one calendar year AND MUST BE TURNED INTO THE OFFICE BEFORE TRYOUTS!

Seeds Orthopaedics offers physicals to student athletes for $10.  Appointments can be made Monday thru Friday (440) 997-5427. 


We are very excited to announce that the Athletic Dept. at Lakeside has partnered with FINALFORMS, an online forms & data management service.  You can complete & sign participation forms for your student and it saves the data season-to-season & year-to-year! FINALFORMS will pre-populate information whenever possible saving you time! With FINALFORMS, you only have to log in once during the school year, ensure that everything is accurate & complete, and electronically sign the forms.  For more information, please visit https://ashtabula-oh.finalforms.com.  

All SPRING athletes will need to sign up for FINALFORMS in advance of the season beginning if you did not already do so during the Fall or Winter seasons.  

Also, if you did not participate in a Fall or Winter Sport or if your Physical on file is expired, you will need to turn in a valid Physical BEFORE the season begins.  Thank you for your assistance in streamlining our paperwork process at Lakeside!


Fall Sports:



Co-ed Soccer

Girls Tennis


Cross Country


Winter Sports:

Boys Basketball


Girls Basketball



Spring Sports:

Boys Tennis