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State Testing Information

AIR Information
(American Institutes for Research)
  1. This is a mandatory state test. Every student is required to take these tests according to the State of Ohio.
  2. Seventh grade students will be tested in English Language Arts and Math. Eighth grade students will be tested in English Language Arts, Math, and Science.
  3. Test dates for the 2017-2018 school year is April 3 - May 11.
  4. Preparation: Your child has been working hard all year to prepare for the AIR tests. If you would like additional practice resources go to Click on the Ohio’s State Tests box on the left hand side. In the center of page click on English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. In the Quick Links box on the left hand side click on Sample Test Items and Practice Tests. You can look at practice tests without creating an account. You and your student can work through these test items together. Your child’s teachers can also provide you with additional resources.
  5. Attendance: Please make every effort to get your child to school on time on testing days. If your child is going to be absent for any reason on testing day, please call the school office as soon as possible (993.2917). Once your child returns to school, arrangements will be made to make-up the test by the school counselor, Mrs. Kolkowski. Please make every effort to schedule appointments and vacations around the testing schedule.
  6. Breakfast: Please be sure your child eats a healthy breakfast on the days that they test.
  7. Rest: Please make sure your child gets a full night of sleep on the evenings before they have take the AIR tests.
  8. Results: Test results will be reported back to the school district by the Ohio Department of Education.

Testing time can cause anxiety in students. Feel free to send a note in your child’s folder or lunch on testing days to let them know how proud you are of their efforts. Please let your child know that all we ask is for them to do their very best work on the test! If you have any questions about testing, please call Mrs. Kolkowski at 993.2617.