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Homework Usually Every Tues. through Thurs.  Test  or quiz on Fridays.

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Updated for the Weeks of December 4 - 20th 2017

GO MATH!  This is the name of our brand new math series that we piloted towards the end of last academic school year. All of the components for this new series are not yet in place, but will be by sometime this year. These components include an online guided practice/ online homework, and tutorial videos. 

Important information! 

*This math book in considered a consumable, which means students can write in this book and actually keep it after our school year ends

*Students are only given one copy of this book and will not receive another. They are completely responsible for these books.

*Each section/lesson in the book has several QR codes that if used with a QR app will take you directly to an online tutorial video about the topic or types of math problems shown on that page.


You can continue to use the following websites as resources.


Another great tutorial website for math



Our topics this week will continue to focus on Lesson 3.1 - 3.6 in our new "Go Math" text books entitled Rational Numbers and Decimals. We will begin discussing and practicing adding/subtracting/multiplying/dividing rational numbers. This will take the form of fractions & decimals (positive & negative) and also how to  interpret story problems (looking for key words that hint to the operation being used and if any numbers used should be negative). 

There are several QR codes available with in the chapter. Use your smart phone or tablet to scan the code which will link you directly to some tutorial videos.

Here are several other links :

This is a series of videos and practice problems from KhanAcademy









Subscriptions are free on the Learn Zillion site if needed



Continuing throughout the school year we will review any needed information about class expectations and responsibilities with your children. Students will also prepare and be responsible for keeping up to date with a "Homework Folder" to keep track of everyday. This folder is used to record any needed homework, projects or keep any important papers on file. Every Friday students will take a quiz based on the topics we practiced during the week.


It is now almost half way through the 2017-18 Academic School Year. The second 9-weeks started on October 23rd. The end of the second 9-weeks grading period will be on December 20th.  Report Cards/Progress Reports will be sent home with the students by December 20th (before vacation).

Students will need to bring their GO MATH book, a notebook and a calculator to class everyday.


Please continue to have a safe and happy school year!!!!


Mr. Galliazzo