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    Welcome to my Math Class

     Your child is in a small math group where he/she can get more help in order to succeed with mathematics.  This class is run like a regular classroom with homework, practice, cooperative learning groups, hands-on activities, test, quizes, etc....  The work is broken down into smaller sections so it is better understood by the students.

     If your child is absent from school, he/she is responsible for making up the missed work and has as many days to mak up the work as they were absent.

     I purchased all of the supplies your child needed for my class.  They are kept here at school.


     Your help at home is NEEDED.

     Your child needs to work on basic math facts.  10 minutes per night is all it will take.  Make or buy a set of flashcards.  The flashcards must be addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.  Start with addition and move on when the child knows the facts.  You can also ask your child math facts in the car while driving, waiting for a dentist appointment, when you go for a walk, etc....  The flashcards and practice will help your child apply basic facts to other areas of math and help close the learning gap.


     If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to e-mail me at Tina.kirkingburg@aacs.net


I am looking forward to having a terrific school year with your child.

  Mrs. Kirkingburg